1st斉藤泰士・2nd多治川純一・3rd萩野谷英成・4th前田 司による常設のギターカルテット。
「第21回日本ギター重奏コンクール」にて優勝、及びHARUMI賞を受賞。 「第25回日本ギター合奏フェスティバル」で行われた 「ギター合奏作曲コンクール本選会」にて選出されたすべての作品の実演を行い好評を博す。 首都圏を中心に、全国主要都市でも演奏活動を積極的に行っている。 日本ギター合奏フェスティバルにおいて、 冨山詩曜作曲「MOON」、D.コスリー作曲「Waltz triptych」、藤井眞吾作曲「四つのリトルネッロ」をアンサンブルOZとして初演。 また松岡 滋、冨山詩曜、笹久保伸、永島志基、小関佳宏各氏から献呈され、 メンバー独自の作・編曲にも力を入れるなど、 ギター重奏の新しいレパートリーを追求しつつ、更なる高みを目指す。
2015年5月1stCD『 ¡Leva!』、2016年8月2ndCD『Amanecer』をリリース。 2018年12月にリリースした3rdCD『Recuerdos~佐藤弘和 ギター四重奏作品集』はレコード芸術の特選盤に選ばれる。クラシックギター専門誌「現代ギター」誌の表紙にも幾度も飾り好評を博す。2018年2月には3つの州に渡るアメリカツアーを行い、オールスタンディングオベーションの喝采を受け大好評を博す。



“Quattro Palos” is a guitar quartet to represent Japan and the member is Saito Taishi, Tajikawa Jun-ichi, Haginoya Hidenari and Maeda Tsukasa. This group name is a coined word, and imagines "a huge ship with four posts". They won the victory in “The 21th Japan Guitar Ensemble Competition” and won more “HARUMI prizes” at the same time. In 2013, they demonstrated all the works selected at the "Guitar ensemble composition contest" in the "25th Japan Guitar Ensemble Festival", and they got very popular. In May 2015, they released a 1stCD "¡Leva!". In August, 2016, world's first recording, more than one, 2ndCD which collected composer's works of the included present-day Japan “Amanecer” was released. These things received a good reputation. And they appeared on the cover of the long - established guitar magazine "Gendai guitar", May 2016 and August 2017, respectively. In 2017, they were selected for the first time as a group of guitar playing in the section of "listen to the season's guitarist" in "Hakuju Guitar Festa" which is also a gateway to rookie guitarists, and got a favorable reception. In the same month they appeared in NHK-FM "Recital NOVA". In February 2018, they performed concert tours in the United States across three provinces and received great acclaim from the applause of all standing ovation.
In the "Japan Guitar Ensemble Festival", as "Ensemble OZ", they premiered to Siyoh Tomiyama's composition "MOON", D. Cosley's composition "Waltz triptych", Shingo Fujii's composition "Quattro Ritornelli". In addition, they are dedicated by Mr. Shigeru Matsuoka, Siyoh Tomiyama, Shin Sasakubo, Shiki Nagashima, Yoshihiro Koseki and others. They're doing performance activity aggressively at a metropolis in Japan centering on Tokyo environs. Original composition & arrangement in the member is also performed, a new repertoire of guitar ensemble is pursued and a possibility of the guitar ensemble is expanded. The URL of their homepage is here.